Osteopathy, Sports massage & remedial therapy for improving performance and relieving pain in joints, injuries, sprains & strains, posture and mobility.

Sports massage

For a brief explanation of all massage and therapy treatments offered, click the titles below. For more specific information, follow the links or visit the Treatments tab above

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Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy works restore your body to a state of balance, using manipulation, stretching, massage. Improving the mobility of joints whilst relieving muscle tension & enhancing blood flow which helps your body's own healing mechanisms.
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Virtual Back Pain Treatment

Does this work? Yes because the crucial ingredient to resolving back pain is the practitioners vast knowledge, understanding and experience of the subject.
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Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Tailored specifically for pregnant women at this time of change to reduce backache, sore muscles and reduce fluid retention.
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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind in changing our unwanted habits and behaviours and finding solutions to our problems and concerns.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

 NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  is an extremely powerful concept used to enhance self-development and awareness, moving you towards personal transformation.
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Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

Remedial massage is best for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, disease, sprains, strains and aids the body in healing itself.
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Where will my treatment take place?

I have a purpose built studio which offers a relaxed private environment, in which you will instantly feel at ease. There are toilet facilities very close by and a comfortable consultation area with background music.

What should I expect during my visit?

We will discuss the most appropriate treatment based on your requirements. A full case history will be taken to provide an overall assessment of your situation. This will include questions about your occupation, any past accidents, operations or illness and will help to determine if massage is appropriate for you. You may be asked to perform certain physical tests and movements to evaluate whether a osteopathic/remedial/therapeutic/sports style of treatment is required. We will then discuss the best style of treatment for you and agree how each session will be structured.

What do I wear during the treatment?

You will need to dress down to your underwear when a full physical assessment is required. Depending upon what part of the body is being treated and the type of treatment you require, you may be able to put your clothing back on after the assessment is completed. In any event, you will have complete privacy to undress and when techniques are being applied your modesty is preserved throughout the session.

Is a treatment always appropriate?

There are a number of medical conditions for which massage is contraindicated. This is why it is necessary for us to complete a full case history during your initial consultation. I need to be aware of any medical investigations for which you are under a doctor’s care because some might require their written approval before I can commence treatment (for example, cardiac problems, post surgery or infections of a contagious nature e.g. shingles).

It is not advisable to receive treatment if you are unwell or running a temperature, since a treatment may over load your system and leave you feeling even worse.

How often should I have a treatment?

The benefits of massage treatment increase with regular use but this does depend on time and finances. Some use my services once a week for chronic ongoing issues, while others choose once a month or when an injury occurs. The number of osteopathic/remedial/therapeutic treatments will depend on an individual’s recovery rate and physical condition: some individuals only need a couple of treatments, whilst others can require more.

How long will a treatment last?

The duration of each type of treatment is indicated in the pricing information. These times take into consideration a full background history take of injuries and health conditions, prior treatment, orthopediac tests to gain working diagnosis, 30-45mins actual treatment time, exercise/stretching where relevant, dressing/undressing and rebooking.

A half hour appointment can only be booked once an initial consultation has been completed and only allows for treatment of one maybe two body areas dependant on the course of treatment required.

What oils/creams are used and will these affect me?

Not all treatments require use of an oil or cream, if they do we will discuss any allergies when covering your case history. I have hypoallergenic oils, creams and lotions which can be used and all my base oils are nut-free.

What do I do during a treatment?

Dependant on the treatment, you can just make yourself comfortable and I will adjust towels and ask you to move when needed. If you want to change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable, or ask me anything, then just feel free to do so at any time.

With some techniques incorporated into the osteopathic/sports and remedial/therapeutic treatments, I will need to give you instruction to hold positions and to match or yield to my pressure. This is mainly when using a muscle energy technique, but at all times appropriate communication will be used to enable me to provide you with the best treatment.

Some people like to be quiet while others prefer to talk. I will adapt to whatever you feel most comfortable with and do feel free to ask questions at any time.

How will I feel during the treatment?

This will depend on the nature of the treatment you are receiving. When muscular pain is involved, people describe the treatment as a pleasant, relieving force. Sometimes pain relief can be felt immediately and mobility is restored, whereas at other times it is a slow progression and it takes some time to get the muscles or joints back to normal.

What are the benefits of these types of treatment?

There are many benefits gained, it helps the body to relax, reduces body imbalances from repetitive tasks, increases blood flow and lymph circulation to detoxify the body, reduces stress in the tissues and joints, increases levels of endorphins, the “feel good” chemicals, produces an analgesic ‘pain killing’ effect, relieves headaches and muscle tension, increases flexibility, rejuvenates the body and helps it to heal.

If you have any questions which have not been answered here please feel free to call me.

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