Osteopathy, Sports massage & remedial therapy for improving performance and relieving pain in joints, injuries, sprains & strains, posture and mobility.

Sports massage

For a brief explanation of all massage and therapy treatments offered, click the titles below. For more specific information, follow the links or visit the Treatments tab above

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Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy works restore your body to a state of balance, using manipulation, stretching, massage. Improving the mobility of joints whilst relieving muscle tension & enhancing blood flow which helps your body's own healing mechanisms.
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Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

Remedial massage is best for the treatment of acute and chronic conditions, disease, sprains, strains and aids the body in healing itself.
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Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Tailored specifically for pregnant women at this time of change to reduce backache, sore muscles and reduce fluid retention.
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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind in changing our unwanted habits and behaviours and finding solutions to our problems and concerns.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

 NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  is an extremely powerful concept used to enhance self-development and awareness, moving you towards personal transformation.
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Massage and Treatments

Sports Massage
This treatment is used to prepare an individual for peak performance. It drains away fatigue, reduces swelling, relieves muscle tension, promotes flexibility and prevents injury. This treatment also identifies imbalances and provides benefit to any level of fitness, whether you are just starting a sport or already a full time professional.
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Osteopathic Treatment
Osteopathy is a physical approach to restoring, maintaining and promoting physical and psychosocial well being by the use of manual therapy involving massage, mobilisation and manipulation. Osteopathy has been regulated since 1993 by the General Osteopathic Council and requires us to renew our registration each year.
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Remedial massage
This type of therapy enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. It can be used to treat an extensive range of conditions, including lower back pain, muscular tension and repetitive strain injury (RSI), caused by occupational and social activities and stresses. It also increases joint mobility where restricted, alleviates headaches and whiplash and aids post operative rehabilitation.
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Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage
The ultimate treatment for the expectant mother, this is administered safely and effectively to relieve muscle tension, as well as aches and pain. This massage helps prepare the body for the many changes, emotional as well as physical, which will take place during pregnancy.
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Clinical Hypnotherapy
This can be described as a naturally occurring state of mind. This effective technique allows you to be relaxed and gives you access to your unconscious mind. This is the key to unlocking the potential to changing your unwanted habits or behaviours that are no longer serving you by enabling you to find solutions to your problems or concerns empowering you in overcoming these.
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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
This provides a description for how we unconsciously organise our thinking, feeling, language, state and behaviour to produce the results we get. As a talking therapy we work together to establish behaviours, habits, relationships (work, personal or family related) that are not working for you and through different techniques out of trance (without hypnosis) we establish solution focused results in personal development and communication.
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